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N9082C LTE _ LTE_Advanced TDD Measurement Application, Multi_touch UI

The N9082C LTE/LTE-Advanced TDD application includes proven, ready-to-use measurements. Capturing measurement expertise and delivering repeatable results, the application lets you see and understand the performance of your LTE/LTE-Advanced TDD base station (eNB) and user equipment devices and designs. Gain confidence from proven algorithms and outstanding accuracy at every performance point with X-Series signal analyzers and the multi-touch UI.

For LTE-Advanced TDD demodulation measurements, such as EVM and frequency error, the measurement application offers two modes for acquisition of up to 5 carriers. The first mode offers simultaneous acquisition of up to 5 intra-band contiguous/ non-contiguous component carriers with a single wideband capture (requires UXA/PXA with 255 or 510 MHz bandwidth, MXA with 160 MHz bandwidth), or the second mode which uses an automatic sequencing function, eliminating the need for the wide analysis bandwidth option on the X-Series signal analyzer, thereby reducing the overall test equipment cost.


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