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Doble Test, Power Factor or Tan Delta Test for Power Transformer: Doble M4100 is the first choice for 12kV Tan Delta kit. 12 kV Power Factor 10 kV TTR Winding Leakage Reactance Dimensions : 508 x 641 x 250 mm Weight : 45.5 kg
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The Doble M4100 Testing Equipment for Power Transformer.

The Electrical Testing Equipment Doble M4100 is an Insulation Analyzer which enable Testing of Power Transformers up to 12Kv.

The Doble M 4100 is used commonly to perform testing on Power Transformer.

Doble Invented the Doble M4100 Testing called Tangent of Delta, Loss Angle or Dissipation Factor Testing.

Engineers and Technician around the world, uses the word “Doble Test” as a catchall phrase for a off line Testing for Power Transformer performed during Condition Assessment of High Voltage Apparatus.

Doble is actually an 98 year old diagnostic testing equipment manufacturer whose name has become synonymous with this form of testing.

The company’s goal is to assist those in the electrical power industry streamline operational improvements and increase performance of electrical equipment.

Performing the Doble Engineering test is no longer specific to the company name.

Another large supplier of diagnostic test equipment are Omicron And Megger.

Their line also includes the power factor set.

What is Doble Test? Tan Delta, also called Loss Angle or Dissipation Factor testing, is a diagnostic method of testing high voltage apparatus in order to determine the quality of the insulation.

Indeed, this is done to try to predict the remaining life expectancy and in order to prioritize replacement and/or injection.

The Doble M4100 Testing Equipment is an instrument used during off line testing of high voltage apparatus such Power Transformer.

The Doble test is basically a power factor test performed on transformers to ensure they are functioning correctly.

This dissipation testing can also be performed on MV cables and motors. 

Using the Doble M4100 High Voltage Apparatus Tester is the industry standard for power apparatus and insulation testing.

Its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry’s most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument in the world. 

Tan delta is an abbreviated form of the term—Tangent of Delta.

The tan delta quantifies the way in which a material absorbs and disperses energy. It expresses the out-of-phase time relationship between an impact force and the resultant force that is transmitted to the supporting body.

Insulation power factor tests are used to measure dielectric losses, which relate the wetness, dryness or deterioration of transformer insulation.

Both factory and field testing are performed to verify the insulation integrity of substation transformers.

Power factor testing a two-winding transformer is conducted by energizing the winding at a known ac voltage (typically 10 kV for windings rated greater than 10 kV) with the common winding bushings shorted together.

Key Customer around the globe trust the Accuracy and Power of the Doble M4100.

With Doble m4100 new safety switch.

Power Factor / Tan-Delta Measurement:

  • Range: 0 to ±100.00%
  • Resolution: 0.01% (0.0001)
  • Accuracy: ±-0.005% PF Nominal
  • Power Factor/Tan-Delta
  • Resolution: 0.01% (0.0001)

Capacitance Measurement:

  • Range: 0 to 100 μF
  • Resolution: 0.01 pF

Power Factor Diagnostic Capabilities:

  • 12 kV Power Factor / Tand-Delta capacitance testing to assess insulation condition & dielectric loss
  • High Stress and high accuracy 10 kV TTR with the TTR Capacitor
  • Winding Leakage Reactance testing with the Doble M4110 to detect winding deformation or damage
  • 10 kV Single Phase Excitation Current Testing

Source Output:

  • 3 kVA
  • 25 V to 12 kV

Output Current:

  • 100 mA continuous at 10 kV
  • 200mA > 30 minutes at 10kV
  • 300mA > 4 minute at 10kV

 Key Features:

  • Integrated Self-Calibration & Verification Module
  • 3 Resistive Standards
  • Amplifier Test Range: 7-All Nominal Test Ranges
  • Coverage: Watts, Amps, PF/Tan-Delta, Internal Source Loss, HV Cable, LV Cable(s)
Additional Information

Additional information

Weight45.5 kg
Dimensions26 x 50.8 x 64.1 cm

2 reviews for Doble M4100

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Doble M4100 is the first choice for 12kV Tan Delta kit:

    12 kV Power Factor
    10 kV TTR
    Winding Leakage Reactance

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Up to which voltage you could use the Doble M4100?

    • Kaaraba

      up to 12Kv with the Doble M4100

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