Why Omicron CMC356 is number 1 ?

Why Omicron Energy became the world #1 Relay Testing Manufacturer?

Get to Know the Omicron Relay Testing CMC 356:

When talking about Protection Testing, immediately several brands comes to our minds.

Indeed, the market today, offer a large product range and wide choice of secondary injection test kits, also known as protection relay test kits.

Choosing from the Megger (Programma) FREJA protection relay test kits, Megger SVERKER secondary injection test kits or current amplifiers.

It’s easy.

But choosing between Omicron CMC product Range and Doble Power Simulator the F6150 ranges, is a more difficult choice.

Sound familiar?

Make no mistake: these struggles are real. But they CAN be overcome.

In fact, we at Kaaraba faced these same struggles when we for the first time used the CMC 356.

But as you’ll soon see, we quickly turned things around…

In fact, they are way to many engineers using Omicron CMC product range today.

And for sure you wonder why ?

But before starting this articles, let’s ask you a question.

…have you been using the Omicron CMC 356?

If your answer is yes, Well that’s wonderful.

Let’s dive right in our blog post.

We do hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Let us try to dive in and share with you readers our most agnostic opinion on why we think that The Omicron CMC 356 is one of the best Relay Testing Equipment available in the market.

Reading Omicron CMC 356 Technical Specification…

Is the Omicron CMC356 a best seller?


Omicron Energy is very well know for manufacturing one of the best Relay Testing equipment available in the market in 2017.

…. Either for primary injection or secondary injection.

Many Engineer loves this Protection Testing Kit.

Needless to say, this post contains a boatload of original information.

Keep reading.

So it is clear that people loves using this Relay Test kit.

The Question is:

So Why Omicron is so Famous ?

To understand that, you will need to use it at least once in a high voltage substation.

Our Team at kaaraba, is currently using many brands such Doble F6150 or Megger Freja 400.

But in fact the Omicron CMC356 stand out for 3 reasons;

Reliability. Accuracy. Best Software.

I have been using Omicron CMC356 since 2012 ! and we are very happy with the Software. Eng Marc B. EDF

Of course there are several Electrical Testing Equipment manufacturers available in the industry today as mentioned earlier.

You might be wondering:

What are the 3 reasons for Omicron CMC356 ?

There are many other Relay Testing Equipment Manufacturers in the market.

So why focusing this article to Omicron CMC356?

That’s what I’m going to cover in the next item.

Keep reading…

Before we dive into a quick note about others…

What is the most important for you that your relay test kit should perform ?

How many current?

How many voltage do you need?

After answering this question, you will understand which test kit fits your needs.

Current and Voltage … not enough to make a decision.

Indeed, which relays do you wish to test?

Very old electromechanical one?

Or the numerical relays?

What about XRIOS files?

Does Templates Matter for you ?

You said Doble ?

We can mention another famous manufacturer which name is Doble Engineering Company which also provides one of the best Relay Testing Equipment called in their language the Doble F6150 Power Simulator.

Quick Note about the Doble F6150

The Doble F6150 is widely used in United States Market and all over the world. The Relay Testing Kit from Doble has the particularity to be strong, reliable and silent. Let’s stop for a moment talking about the Doble F6150.

But let’s talk about Omicron CMC 356:

With the Omicron CMC 356 Relay Test Kit you can test all generations and type of relays.

You said 6 current sources ?

The CMC 356 beat that easily.

What about electromechanical with very high power demands ?

The Omicron Power Simulator is the first choice for where you need high versatility, amplitude and power.

Do not forget about current transformers !

The Omicron CMC 356 is capable of providing primary injection of high currents.

You are not left behind:

Here is an example of what we are talking about :

We said 6 current sources ?

  1. 6 x 32 A / 6 x 430 VA or
  2. 3 x 64 A / 3 x 860 VA or
  3. 1 x 128 A / 1 x 1000 VA

What about voltage ?

The Relay Test Kit is capable to deliver up to 4 x 300 V or 1 x 600 V in its outputs.

This makes sense if you think about it:

Commissioning Tasks : Primary Test is available with the CMC 356.

We need user friendly software for our fresh technicians :

To get ready and running, your technician might use the Quick CMC Software.

Quick CMC : Easy PC controlled manual testing.

Omicron offers many software package such the Test Universe.

For any other tasks, Engineers can use several packages :

  1. Transview; related to all your needs for transient signal such comtrade files.
  2. IEC61850; Scada testing.
  3. Sampled Values, according to IEC61000.

The Omicron CMC 356 is not only a commissioning Relay Test kit.

The CMC line includes Amplifiers for RTDS or OPAL issues.

As well as Calibration Relay Test Kit.

No need to be strong like a bodybuilder, the Omicron CMC 356 is very light : just 16 Kg.

…But still the Relay Test Kit is very rugged !! you can carry it in any substation with no issues at all.

Now that you can know how to choose your Relay Test Kit and Why Omicron is so famous?

We guess that you wish to know more about Omicron Company ?

….This is why you are reading our article isn’t?

Omicron Energy is based in Austria and started in 1984.

More than 30 years in the Electrical Power Industry.

Why Omicron Energy is the Leader in Power Industry ?

Because Omicron provides worldwide technical support.

Furthermore, their equipment are being used by thousand of Engineers all over the world.

Its software is very user friendly comparing to other in the industry.

They are always listening customers feedbacks and incorporating in their next update release.

Concerned about knowledge and training ?

No more concerns, Omicron provides all over the world a platform for wide knowledge exchange.

I need Technical Training:

This is available also…Customised courses designed and tailored to your needs are offered 365 days a year.

We have been assisting to also their high quality technical webinars.

Omicron Energy provides also local Products Seminars and workshops.

That is a fantastic way to get more familiar with for example the Relay Test Kit CMC 356.

When you do not know how to use the Quick CMC Software….

…. you are always happy and feel confortable to get Omicron Support.

They manufacture a wide range of products starting from like we described in the introduction by the Omicron CMC 356, the CPC 100, CT Analyser, Franeo, Compano etc…

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