How the Doble M4100 is the standard?

The Doble M4100

Power Factor / Capacitance Test Kit for Power Transformer.

Have you ever found yourself working on a substation and you have had to shuffle around cases of testing equipment?

Does this sound familiar?

While it might seem like a brilliant idea having individual testing equipment, it can be time-consuming switching equipment frequently.

This is where the Doble M4100 comes to save the day.

The Doble M4100 is an electrical testing equipment that can be used to perform a variety of comprehensive diagnostic test.

Not only does it carry out many functions, but it also produces results from the tests that are accurate and reliable.

As a result of this, it is highly regarded as the approved standard for industries in terms of diagnostic tools.

The M4100 is technologically advanced in its usage and design when compared to other electrical testing equipment.

This is because it does not have the problems and limitations that exist in other test devices and systems.

Also, it has an intelligent software which runs a diagnosis, gives and interprets accurate, reliable and workable results with ease.

This superior interpretation of accurate results also gives the Doble M4100 an edge over other testing equipment.

With these functions and capabilities, technicians are able to work with the results obtained and make better decisions immediately.

What Doble M4100 can do?

The Doble M4100 is a powerful electrical testing equipment that can be used for a variety of tests as a result of its diagnostic capabilities. These include

  1. Perform Power Factor (PF) test to evaluate the quality and integrity of the insulation.
  2. Perform tests to ensure there are no damages to the windings and the turns are not shortened. This is otherwise known as the Turns Ratio Test.
  3. Perform tests to know which and if there are any, capacitors which have failed or deteriorating in a capacitor bank.
  4. Perform a Capacitance Test which indicates if the equipment has undergone any changes.
  5. The M4100 can check for deformed windings via performing a Short Circuit Impedance Test.
  6. The M4100 can carry out a Single Phase Excitation Current Test which allows for an evaluation of the magnetizing circuit of a transformer.


What advantages of Choosing Doble’s M4100?

Doble’s M4100 is classified as the most powerful electrical testing equipment, and these are some advantages describing why it is.


Line Frequency Modulation technology:

This is Doble’s patented brainchild and is built into the M4100.

It helps in the complete elimination of interference signals from a substation when measurements are to be recorded.

This is achieved by taking all necessary measurements at a frequency above and another below the frequency of the system.

As a result of this, measurements made are accurate and very reliable.


Clean Test Signal

The M4100 is designed to generate its own test signal through an inbuilt internal waveform generator.

The waveform generator works by emitting a sine wave so precise, that measurements made using the M4100 are highly accurate.

This is because the test signal’s quality is an indication of the M4100’s ability to produce repeatable and reliable results.


Ease to Setup and Self-Calibration

The automated setup capability of the M4100 makes it easy to obtain accurate measurements always as errors are eliminated.

Also, its intelligent self-calibration function allows for adaptability to varying field conditions to make sure accurate measurements are obtained.

This shows how digitally advanced the M4100 is technology-wise to always produce accurate measurements and results.


Versatility and Power

The versatile nature of the M4100 gives it a considerable edge over other electrical testing equipments.

This versatility and power is demonstrated in its ability to perform test on various ranges and types of apparatus. Also on offer are:

  • Its charging current is the highest with a max output of 300mA at 10kV.
  • Its high power makes it possible to perform single-phase exciting current tests.
  • In case current above 300mA is needed, Doble’s Type C Resonator can be used to achieve this.


Additional Information

  1. The Doble M4100 can be easily carried around as it weighs only 32kg.
  2. It is regarded as the most powerful Power Factor (PF)/Capacitance Test kit in the world.
  3. The Doble M4100 can be used to perform tests on any power transformer with ratings of up to 12KV.
  4. Cooling fans located on the sides of the M4100 allows for its usage in a standing position.
  5. The modules on the M4100 can be easily replaced as well as opting for an upgrade of the M4100 itself.
  6. The M4100 can perform a self calibration to better suit the requirements needed at the substation for accurate results.
  7. Adequate technical support with regards the Doble M4100 can be obtained via com


Technical Specifications of the Doble M4100

Note: To operate the M4100 system requires a personal computer


Power Specifications

Input Power: 95-264 VAC

47 to 63 Hz, with no loss in performance when used with portable generators.

16 A max at 110 V

10 A max at 220 V

Range of Output Voltage: 0 to 12 kV
Output Power: 3k VA

Output Current:        100 mA continuous at 10 kV

200 mA > 30 minutes at 10 kV

300 mA > 4 minute at 10 kV

Output Frequency:  45 to 70 Hz

Resolution:               0.1 Hz

Measurement Range and Resolution

Test Current Range: 0 to 5.0 A auto ranging

Resolution:               0.1 µA

Power Factor/Tan delta

Range:            0 to ±100.00% PF

0 to ±999.99% Tan d

Resolution:   0.01% (0.0001)


Range:                        0 to 100 µF

Resolution:   0.01 pF


Range:                        6H to 10MH

Resolution:   0.01 mH


Range:                        0 to 2 kW, actual power

Resolution:   0.5 mW

Operating Temperature:           -20° to 50° C / -4° to 122° F
Dimensions                        10.3 H x 20 W x 25.3 D (inch)

26 H x 50.8 W x 64.1 D (cm)

Weights        95 lb / 43 kg

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