10 Safety Precautions to Be Observed
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10 Safety Precautions to Be Observed

10 Safety Precautions to Be Observed When Using Electrical Equipment 

Electrical testing equipments are sensitive set of equipments. The risk factors involve in using electrical equipment is usually very high. In view of this, all users of electrical testing equipment must always adhere to some safety rules. This will increase safety and save users of these equipments from injuries and possibly, death. Some of the safety precautions to be observed when using electrical equipments are;

  • Avoid Water: This is one of the safety precautions that must be observed when using electrical testing equipments. Users of electrical equipments must always ensure that the equipments are kept away from water during operation. If there is high possibility that the electrical equipment will contact water during operation, the user should ensure that they are wearing rubber boot and hand glove. It is a general rule to avoid standing on wet surfaces when using electrical equipment. This is why most electrical workers always have a dry towel around to keep them dry. No matter how complex and challenging the electrical task is, it is important to always avoid water during operation to avoid the risk of becoming a conduit for an electric current.
  • Fix the right fuse:  It is part of safety precaution when the right fuses are fixed on circuit panel during repairs. This is important to prevent short circuit which could lead to unintended contact of components and subsequent accidental diversion of current.
  • Check for live wires: Engineers and other users of electrical testing equipments must ensure that they properly check the platform they are working on to ensure that are no live wires are exposed. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to use electrical current testers to check for live or energized wires. This little but important safety precaution can save users of electrical equipments from ugly incidence.
  • Prevent shocks: As a way of preventing shock, users of electrical equipments must ensure that all bare ends of wires on service panel are well covered with small plastic caps. This plastic caps will serve as an insulator and prevent the user from being shock. In situation where your working partner has direct contact with an electrical conductor, do not touch the person or the equipment. Look for dry leather and remove the wire directly from the wall.
  • Disconnect power source: It is important to always disconnect the power source of electrical equipments before they are repaired or serviced. This will always put the person servicing such equipment on a safer side and allow him to work freely without the fear of being shocked.
  • Insulating handle: It is important to always use tools with insulating handle when working on electrical devices. This will go a long way to protect the person working on such devices. This is because these handles will insulate the current from directly contacting the user of such tool.
  • Avoid metallic objects:  Users of electrical equipment should always avoid the use of metallic objects while working on an electrical device. These objects include; metal rulers or pencil, rings, wrist band and other metal objects worn around the body for ornament.
  • Don’t use electrical equipments in cold room:  It is important to limit the use of electrical equipments in cold room or other damp areas where there is likelihood of condensation. If it must becomes extremely important to use electrical equipments in these high risk areas, such equipments must be mounted on the wall or vertical panel.
  • Don’t use Steel or Aluminum Ladder: When using electrical equipment that may involve working from a height. This is because of the fact that the electrical current will ground the user of such equipment and electrical current will pass through his body.
  • Be careful when removing capacitor from circuit: A capacitor is known for storing a massive amount of energy and when it is not properly discharged before it is being removed, it can cause an electric shock. Users must always ensure that the proper safety procedure is followed and adhered to when removing a capacitor from a circuit.

Electrical equipment is very good and proper maintenance of these equipments will reduce some of these risks and improve the efficiency of the equipments.

Kaaraba is an emerging Ecommerce company that focuses on the safety of their clients. This is why they always ensure that all their electrical testing equipments are well maintained and sometimes give clients the necessary safety precautions before renting them out.

Contact Kaaraba today, and enjoy blends of reliable and efficient electrical testing equipment.

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